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NJ may make it impossible for states like NY to issue its drivers speed-camera tix

A group of New Jersey politicians is attempting to prevent other US states from using ticket records that they have collected to fine people for red light cameras and speeding violations. This move could lead to a potential fight with the city of New York. The legislation would ban the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles from giving licenses to other states for issuing red light or speeding camera fines. The senators voted unanimously in favor of the legislation. Representatives, both Democrats, and Republicans, have voiced their support for this bill and said they agree with the overall goal of the legislation. In the last few years, hundreds of new speed trap cameras have been added to the Big Apple, and City officials point to numbers that show considerable reductions in speeding and accidents at the locations where the cameras are installed. The drivers of New Jersey account for more tickets than any other state, and the state has more unpaid violations for drivers than any other state.

O’Scantron characterized the camera program as a government-sanctioned money-grabbing theft. They are seen as a way of generating revenue from unsuspecting drivers, extracting money from them without a conviction in court or sufficient evidence. It’s a form of tax. He said that rich people don’t care. There are other ways and options to slow down people. As you can see, this is a very complex issue that requires careful consideration and research on the part of policymakers. The guys would cheat motorists with sham tickets to bring revenue to the city rather than modify the roads and highways since they don’t profit from the fraudulent companies and governments that work with them. O’Scantron said there’s enough support in both legislatures. He said there is significant interest in this proposal. Will Democrat leaders fall into the trap of industry lobbyists? To bring in revenue from out-of-state motorists in New York City, the city expanded the speed cameras hours can be activated. However, politicians in New Jersey have always looked at traffic camera violations with more suspicion.

The red light camera system in New Jersey didn’t pass the assembly when it was yanked, but O’Scanlon’s bill was approved in 2016. After installing the cameras in the New York City area, locations with a camera, the rate of speeding fell a 72%. The city’s camera advocates were not happy about O’Scanlon’s bill. Danny Harris of the bike and pedestrian group Transportation Alternatives said that “no one is above the law,” also the drivers from N, J, and that’s precisely what the bill is about. New Yorkers will be at greater risk of traffic violence if the bill becomes law. Eric Adams, the Mayor of NYC, is a big supporter of the speed camera system and lobbied Albany for an increase in installations this year.

The NYC Department of Transportation said it is unhappy about New Jersey’s plan. “The speed cameras are a life-saving tool; that’s why New York City will operate the cameras 24/7 beginning August 1.” DOT rep said in a statement. We are aware of the NJ senate bill and are concerned about its effects on safety. If it becomes law, it could be unsafe for people who use New York City’s streets. We always work with our colleagues on the other side of the river to pursue common goals and a safe environment for all. Phil Murphy’s office doesn’t comment on pending legislation, according to a rep for the governor. Mayor Eric Adams has advocated in Albany for the expansion of speed cameras. The New Jersey proposal is considered a serious concern by the city department of transportation. NYC is installing speed cameras to save lives, and they will be on 24/7. Vin Barone is a DOT rep. We have serious concerns about the NJ senate bill being enacted because of its dangers to health and safety. New York City’s streets need to be safe for everyone, and that’s why we will work together with our colleagues in the Hudson to do that.

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