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Things to Do With your Kids and yourself on a Day Trip to Van Saun Park

All about Van Saun County Park

The Bergen County Parks Department operates a park in New Jersey called Van Saun County Park. The park hosts the Bergen County Zoo, which charges admission from May to October.

The zoo has a railroad called the Safari Express. In addition, there are pony rides, a playground, a soccer field, basketball and tennis courts, a softball field, and picnic areas.

The zoo and the park were to be expanded in a way that would double their size, adding an ice skating rink and more parking spaces to make it more diversified in its animal population.


Things to do for your kids in the park

A trip to Van Saun Park will give your family, even the adults, an outdoor adventure way more than the local park. A trip to Van Saun Park feels almost free; it has a vast playground, carousel, train ride, and zoo.

Every summer, we go on this journey with our family; it never fails to be fun. Van Saun Park feels like an almost free park because of its large playground, splash pad, carousel, train ride, and zoo.

The zoo and playground are open all year, but some activities, such as the rides, are only open from April through October; it can still be fun to go to other times.

Parking isn’t an issue, but it can get crowded on weekends. You may want to arrive early to make sure you find a spot. Keep in mind that admission to the park, the playground, and the splash pad is free, but some attractions have an additional fee,


Here are fun things you can do at Van Saun Park

 van suan park entrance By Alexisrael – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,                     

Visiting the Zoo

The zoo is located in Van Saun; the zoo opened in 1960. People can explore different animals there, like bison, lions, reptiles, birds, and farm-friendly animals.

Live shows are presented in the theater during the summer at the zoo. Visiting the zoo before the official spring opening in April, and you won’t have to pay any admission. The zoo is open around the year with an admission fee in the spring and summer.

Enjoy the beautiful playground; it’s enormous!


The playground in Van Saun has something for all kids, and any age, like climbing, tunnels, swings, and slides are grouped into several different play structures according to age ranges. The play area has even ADA-accessible ramps.

Have fun on the Carousel Ride

You can ride a horse, zebra, or elephant on the Millennium Carousel at the park. It is a lot of fun for the kids and gives you time to take a break from going around all day.

In 2000, the carousel was built; concerns over the owner’s lack of insurance have caused the carousel to be controversial. The carousel is the last one that still operates in all of Paramus, which lost the Golden Horse and Venetian carousels in the previous few years.

Riding the train is fun

Van Saun has a miniature train ride that is perfect for little ones to catch a peak of zoo animals and park views. Wave your hand to the buffalo!

The train runs from Tuesday through Sunday and is closed Mondays unless Monday is on holiday between April -October.

While riding the train, you can see the different attractions at the zoo from various points through the tunnel and railroad crossing. The Winter Wonderland event runs from November to January, and the train is open.

The Van Saun Park Railroad opened in 1963, and Allan Herschell Company made the train models.

The Pony ride

Children over two years old can ride ponies on a small path at the Park from April through October. There is an admission fee.

Splashin in the Splash Pad

Kids enjoy playing in the water at the splash pad. They can dance and run around in the large areas with puddles and plants.

Play Ball

At Van Saun, there are three baseball fields, two soccer fields, and one softball field. There are also tennis courts. In the winter you can go sledding there.

Take a Walk or Bike on the Path

The bikes and tricycles can be used year-round to get exercise on the 1.5-mile bike and walking path. The trail goes by the zoo, carousel, duck pond, and Washington Spring Garden. I don’t know if George Washington’s army marched through the area during the American Revolution, but the trail has some history.

A picnic with your family can be had by the end of the day.

The shaded picnic benches are great for lunches or birthday parties. However, barbecue grills may need a permit. Snack trucks are usually parked in warmer weather.

A place where you can ride the dog

In recent years Van Saun opened a dog park in which there were two different areas for smaller and bigger dogs.

The Annual events in the park

Annual events start in October at the park. The Boo at the Zoo during Halloween includes trick-or-treating, ghost stories, and magic shows.

The People in costumes try to scare guests at this attraction. Many Basset Hounds are dressed in costumes on Halloween and go trick-or-treating with contests during the Metro Howl-O-Ween Bassett Bash. Metro Basset Hound Club has hosted it since 1997.

The art in the Park show is held in October. Cash prizes are possible for winning artists who are chosen for their artwork, followed by a concert after that.

The park has an annual event called the Winter Wonderland, which starts from November to January, and features a holiday theme.

                                                                      winter sky van suan park

The Santa’s North Pole Workshop has attractions at the event, including an outdoor ice rink and a food and drink stand. There also have a beer garden at the event.

If the weather permits, the trains, and carousel can be used during the event. Santa is at the Bergen County Zoo in December. Guests can see Santa Claus, animals open presents from Santa, and listen to music during the holiday season.

An annual Easter Egg Hunt at Van Saun Park. Storytime and art and crafts are for the children after the egg hunt.

All in all, it’s a beautiful and very calm place to go with your family or extended family to have a picnic together while the kids enjoy themselves on the playground. It is one of the most excellent parks in the northeast.

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